Cloud Based

Access your operation anywhere, anytime. SCP is available to subscribed users with a web enabled device and internet access.

Dashboard Interface

Intuitive to use and easy to learn—your seed care operations team will quickly learn and find the tools and information they need to do their jobs.

Industry Libraries

Product, crop, and other libraries include the seed care information needed to organize, manage, and execute modern seed treatment services.

Operational Reports

Seed Care Pro tracks all operational activity and provides reporting tools that make accessing and communicating needed information quick and easy.

Prescription & Treatment

Easy to use tools empower seed care operators to pre-season plan and in-season execute treatments designed by crop seed and location.

Patented Seed Care Calculators

Seed size indexed rate calculators adjust product treatment rates to deliver consistent active ingredient delivery on a per-seed-basis.

Workflow Management

Seed treating work orders guide users to the intended treatments—by location and crop seed—along with alerts and instructions.


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