Operational Readiness

Managing a seed care operation is a big job! Developing agronomic treatment plans, nurturing customer sales, coordinating changes, and assuring operational readiness—the list goes on.

Seed Care Pro pulls all the operational elements of seed care into an online management platform. Seed Care Pro is designed to help seed care operators, customer service, agronomists, and business managers stay organized and deliver high quality seed care.

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Organize: Seed Treating Operations

Work Order Library

Work orders are accessible with a few clicks, organized with mission critical information… 

  • Customer and Order Size
  • Assigned Operator and Application System
  • Seed Type and Size 
  • Seed Treatment Plan with Specific Product Mixes 
  • Seed Size Adjusted Rate Instruction
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Organize: Agronomy Office

Prescription Library

The SCP Prescription Library houses treatment plans collaboratively organized through SCP by agronomists, business managers, seed care operators and others to make sure the best treatments by crop seed and location are thoughtfully and intentionally designed to meet business and customer needs. Once established in the prescription library, treatment options flow seamlessly into work orders when time to treat seed.

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Organize: Business Office

Dashboard: Needed Information Available with a Few Clicks

Seed Care Pro organizes modern seed care operations with a dashboard driven user interface that  helps users quickly find the information needed to do their jobs.   

With Seed Care Pro you’ll spend more time doing business and helping customers grow crops, and less time finding, reconciling, and organizing information.

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Spend Your Time Where It Counts


Seed Care Pro organizes your mission critical information. The work order system and prescription library give every user what they need to do their job and deliver increased value along with operational confidence  to positively impact profitability.


Your Team on the Same Dashboard

The Seed Care Pro centralized dashboard and communication tools empower your whole team—from the person taking orders to the expert creating prescriptions—to work together. Workflow alerts and notifications make localizing treatment plans, coordinating business, executing work orders, and tracking operational performance manageable for everyone.

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Communicate: Seed Treating Operations

Everyone Working Together

Needed information is easily accessible. Work flows with user defined preferences make it simple to keep users alerted to new, changed, and completed work order progress. Seed Care Pro keeps your team on track.

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Communicate: Business Office

Real-Time Insights

Business managers and administrators are alerted to operational activity with insight to make game-time business adjustments and transact completed work. Use Seed Care Pro to build an agile business.

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Communicate: Agronomy Office

Collaborate to Design Effective Treatment Plans

Agronomists and others can easily use the SCP system text and email tools to share treatment designs and work together in developing the best seed care options for the business and the grower customers.

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Communicate: Customer Lobby

Customer Updates are Never More Than a Click Away

Answers to customer questions about available treatment options or work order status are always at your fingertips with Seed Care Pro. With everything accessible through the cloud-based platform, customer service agents can confidently and quickly help customers.

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Communicate With Seed Care Pro

Seed Care Pro pulls together the entire seed care operation—empowering users to communicate and manage with their fingertips. Workflow alerts and communication tools keep your team informed. Seed Care Pro—paired with your operation—delivers value through improved productivity and greater employee confidence.


Your Digital Toolbox for Seed Care

A winning team involves all players doing their jobs well. Seed Care Pro is an operational management system designed to bring managers, agronomists, treater operators, service managers, office administrators, and growers together. Seed Care Pro equips you with the tools you need to operate and grow a winning seed care business.

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Manage: Seed Treating Operations

Everything You Need In One Place

Seed Care Pro work orders give your operations team everything they need to treat seed right. With mission critical information at their fingertips, your team can focus on the  challenges of actual treatment application and have more capacity to treat seed.

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Manage: Business Office

Better Business and Happy Customers

Seed Care Pro provides real-time insight for better business management and administration. Your customers will notice  the delivery of professional seed care and your business will have more capacity to grow and serve customers.

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Manage: Agronomy Office

Better Seed Care

Many seed care operations limit treatment options because managing too many choices is overwhelming; yet, the emergence of new seed applied technologies has increased demand for localized treatments.

SCP pre-loaded libraries of seed care products along with powerful treatment planning tools elevate the capabilities of a seed care operation to manage and deliver new levels of value and performance.

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Better Tools, Better Management, Better Business,

Manage With Seed Care Pro

No more spreadsheet calculators, paper forms, operational uncertainty, and mounds of handwritten sticky notes. Seed Care Pro organizes mission critical information into libraries that stream through workflows. Workflows keep your team confidently treating seed correctly while providing real-time insight for business administration and management. Your customers will notice the difference and your bottom-line will reflect a better business.


Seed Treated Right

Delivering modern seed care requires significant effort to organize, communicate, manage, and ultimately execute quality seed treatment services. With the emergence of more seed applied technologies than ever before the job is not getting any easier; until now.

Execution of seed treating operations in SCP is driven by work orders accessible by users on the seed treating floor, within the operations building, in the business office, the agronomy office, and even in the customer lobby.

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Execution: Treating Seed

Work Orders with Mission Critical Information

Seed care operators running the seed treater have access to work orders through their smartphones, computer, or any web enabled device. 


Work orders detail the seed to treat, the treatment plan, product mixing instruction, application rate settings, and the information needed to treat the seed as intended and correctly. Clear information and instructions minimize errors.

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Execution: Operations Building

Real-Time Insight

Work Orders direct operational staff during the busy treatment season so that work can be managed confidently and quickly. Prior to seed treating season, SCP projects pre-season work order intentions useful in preparing operational readiness. SCP keeps everyone on the same page, or should we say the same dashboard!

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Execution: Business Office

Efficient Business

Business managers and administrators use completed work order application reports to capture seed treatment and seed consumption volumes. While Seed Care Pro is not an accounting or inventory  platform, it captures the needed operational information for invoicing, inventory management, and other accounting functions in the business office.   

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Execution: Agronomy Office

Localized and Intentional Seed Treatment Delivery

Seed treatment prescriptions flow into work orders by location and crop seed type. SCP prescription design tools help insure the work order treatment instruction is driven by intentional treatment plans designed to deliver the right rates of product on a per-seed-basis. 

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Execution: Customer Lobby

Establishing and Meeting Customer Expectations

By accessing SCP work orders, sales and customer service representatives can quickly discern real-time status of pending work orders and input new ones with confidence customers notice and value. 

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Execute With Seed Care Pro

Modern seed care is challenging and involves many different treatment technologies, product designs, agronomic considerations, regulatory boundaries, complicated math equations, and multiple application techniques. Seed Care Pro is designed for the complexities of the operation to empower seed care businesses with the needed tools to execute modern seed care.